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Team Name: Team Tankers (Farfetch'd)
Desired Guild affiliation: Rescuers
Helping others since: 21 October 2011

Leader: Peter S. (Pikachu♂)
Trait & Personality: Quiet (Alert to sounds)
Moves: Discharge, Volt Tackle, Brick Break, Agility
Accessories: Sky-blue scarf, Messenger Bag
Items: Lexy's Library Card-Key, Evolution Scroll

Member 1: Marston W. (Mudkip♂)
Trait & Personality: Rash (Highly curious)
Moves: Mud-Slap, Hydro Pump, Dig, Protect
Accessories: Red scarf
Items: Accessory Voucher, Accessory Voucher

By signing here, you agree that the above information is correct and true to the best of your knowledge.
Signature of Team:
Peter S. (30 April 2012)
Marston W. (30 April 2012)


It was dark. The clouds in the night sky were pouring all the water they had over the village. Yet, two Pokémon were outside, in this torrent, walking side by side.

The first Pokémon, walking slightly ahead was a Mudkip going by the name of Marston. His red scarf around the neck was swinging back and forth as he walked, dripping and drenched as it was.

The other Pokémon was a Pikachu with a bandana tightly tied around the neck. His name was Peter. Like his partner, he was soaked through and his bright sky-blue bandana had taken a dull blue colour because of the water. A rectangular, brown bag hung on his shoulder containing the various little things he always took with him.

Like it was some sort of tradition in this area, those two had joined a 'guild', something like a group of Pokémon with a common goal, with their own ways of doing things and their own ideals. Together, they had to form a team who would be taking on missions to help their guild establish the ideals they believed in.

And tonight, they had to renew their guild application: the proof of their membership. The appointment letter they had received from the Guild Registrar Bureau couldn't be more formal: they should be coming that night as soon as the moon had risen behind the mountains to renew their application. Failing to do so would result in their rescuer team not being recognised anymore.

Right now, only a few moonlight rays managed to go through the clouds above their heads. Peter just hoped that they wouldn't be coming this far in such a weather only to get told that the Guild Registrar had to be closed due to the bad weather.

Marston hadn't spoken a single word since they left the castle for the renewal of their application. The Mudkip who enjoyed the rain so much seemed lost in his thoughts ever since they received that letter. "I don't understand why they want us to renew our application so badly. Haven't we not only recently joined?"

Peter didn't reply immediately. His ears were flopped, allowing the drops of rain to roll down then tips before falling further down. The usual alertness Peter always kept seemed to be absent. He, too, wished to know the answer to that question. Maybe the latest events are what decided so? "Perhaps... Perhaps most of the teams had their application with the Guild Leaders?"

It was Marston's turn not to reply immediately; it wasn't too surprising really. Peter knew that those 'latest events' reminded them both of that night, that dreaded night when Sorbet, the legendary Pokémon called Kyurem, went out of control. Marston was probably trying not to recall it. It was after all, a tough night for both of them.

The Merchant's HQ was coming into sight now. It was a little strange that the bureau would be found in a particular guild HQ — though it was probably because the Merchants had the greatest share of wealth on the village. They both stopped and examined the building. It was still in a pitiful state and the reconstruction works hadn't been complete yet.

"Well, I guess that's it. The letter says the bureau's entrance is on the left side of the building." Peter approached the wooden door of the bureau with what seemed like streams of water flowing from his head.

The door bore the label 'Guild Registrar Bureau' written in dark ink and by the looks of it, it had been really carefully written.

Peter clenched his fist and gave three distinct knocks. He could barely hear them with the rain splashing on his head. Behind the door, he heard the sound of rushed footsteps and almost immediately, the door shot open. The black form of a large creature appeared before them. Suddenly, lightning struck above their heads followed by the loud roar of thunder, allowing the two rescuers to see the Pokémon better. It was a Ninetales, who, at that instant, appeared to be grinning malevolently at them.

The latter gasped rather excessively upon seeing their drenched selves.
"Come in, come in! My goodness, come in! I can't believe you've both been waiting there in the rain all this time! You should have knocked earlier, you know!" The Ninetales slyly moved aside to let them in, a faint smile slowing drawing on his lips.

Peter and Marston looked at each other, not sure how to answer. This was, beyond doubt, the Guild Registrar with whom they will have to deal with. They could have told the Ninetales that they had just arrived, but the Guild Registrar instilled a peculiar feeling in them; a feeling they couldn't explain, a feeling which left them dumbfounded instead. Maybe it was his smile? It surely did remind Marston a bit of Devonshire, but there was something different with it.

Peter was the first one to follow the Ninetales inside his dimly lit quarters and stepped on the doormat. Out of instinct, he shook vigorously to remove the water from his fur as soon as he stepped in and rather unwillingly caused his fur to gain more volume than it usually has.

Marston was padding closely behind, carefully rubbing his paws on the doormat. His skin was such that excess water easily flowed down his body, but he could oh so well remember how his mother told him that Pokémon didn't like patches of water in their house, especially if they weren't of the water type.

The next thing that caught their attention were the tails of the Ninetales. Now inside, they could see them moving each in their own way, not altogether like how Peter had observed with other Ninetales before. On top of that, each of their tip was covered in a black viscous liquid.

The room was stuffy and carried a faint smell of burnt wood. As they proceeded further in, they stared mouth agape at the filing cabinets neatly lining the two longer walls of the rectangular room. Each drawer bore labels, Peter assumed, that helped the Ninetales organize his files. On the last side of the room was a desk and behind it was a large window beyond which the half hidden moon could be seen.

Several piles of paper of the same height lay on either sides of the large desk. Each stack of paper was evenly spaced one from the other. The only source of light, a candle, stood tall in front of a rather large ink-pot. Both stood proudly in the middle of the desk, between the two groups of stacked paper.

The Guild Registrar took seat behind the desk and invited the Pikachu and the Mudkip to get seated in front of him by a gesture of his paw. As the two sat down, the Guild Registrar clasped his paws and looked at them straight in the eyes. His red eyes almost seemed to glitter in the light of the candle flame.

"My name is Callahan, but you can call me Calla as well," he began. His voice sounded friendly, but Peter couldn't help feeling that it could be some thoroughly repeated and perfected act. "I'm the Guild Registrar, you know and I should say that I'm quite good at it!"

With all those filing cabinets and those neatly piled sheets of paper, they didn't doubt the Ninetale's proficiency at his work. But his personality so far was ... odd.

Marston seemed to be hesitating a bit about what to do. But then, he at last resolved to speak. "Oh uh, right. My name is—"

Two of the Ninetales' tails emerged from his seat cutting Marston off. Each tail grabbed the scarves of the two Pokémon in front of him and pulled them away from the two startled rescuers.
"Oh, please allow me to take your belongings; they're all wet! I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable during our session. I'll just hang them in front of the fireplace to dry as we go over the formalities."

Peter almost jumped from his seat as the snaking tail pulled at his scarf. Marston couldn't help but utter a faint cry as he felt the cold tail get in between his throat and his scarf, before pulling the latter away.

Callahan's tails gracefully hung the dripping pieces of cloth on a steel bar in front of a chimney that Peter noticed only then. It wasn't surprising really, for the room was badly lit. To Peter's surprise, one of tails of the Ninetales suddenly flicked one of his tails into the candle flame bathing the room with another yellow light.

Callahan then drove his tail in the fireplace, setting the logs in there ablaze. Soon, the fire started crackling loudly and warmth spread into the room.

Marston was fidgeting with his paws. He was probably once again uneasy as to what to do.

Callahan on the other hand was staring at the fire and appeared to have forgotten about them.

Marston coughed lightly and continued. "Uh, we are here to register our team. We heard that—"

The eyes of the Ninetales quickly shifted back to the Mudkip.
"The paperwork! We're most certainly coming to that. There will be plenty of it, don't you worry the slightest!"

The Ninetales pulled out several sheets of paper from a drawer with one paw and brought his ink-pot and quill closer to him. He took out the Tranquill feather from the dark coloured berry juice.

Callahan brought the quill to the paper but then didn't write anything. He looked towards the two Pokémon in front of him and flashed another of his grins.
"I almost forgot! You do have the forms that we've mailed you filled out, yes? That does always make things go much quicker here."

Mailed them? Peter was certain that they have never received any form from the Pidove Post. The only thing they had obtained was the appointment letter. But then, he always brought their guild application with him.

"We didn't receive any, but we do have our guild application," Peter answered, pulling their application to the Rescuers Guild from his explorer bag. His eyes widened when he noticed that his bag had been soaked through and that their application was dripping rainwater. The Pikachu's face reddened as he placed their application on the desk of Callahan. "Th-there it is."

Callahan's eyes slowly fell on the wet and crooked and eyebrow.
"What's the meaning of this? Are those... the forms we sent you? But these are soaking wet... and the ink has run!" He placed the quill back into the ink-pot, closed his eyes and crossed his forelimbs. He heaved a deep sigh before continuing. "Goodness, we're in for a lot more paperwork than I could ever have hoped to dream of!"

Peter's hopes that the procedures would only take a few moments sunk. Unfortunately, he didn't have anything to dry his team's application sheet. And now, the Guild Registrar was saying that it'll require so much paperwork!

He took back the application in his paws and gave one last look at it, in reminiscence of the time they got it, of their first missions. Peter could remember how carefully he had written those words on this very application... Then suddenly, the ears of the Pikachu perked up. "I-I could tell you what was on our application sheet and—"

But the Ninetales already seemed to have made up his mind.
"No matter, I have sufficient spare forms, and all the time in the world! I trust you have no pressing appointments tonight. By all means, let's start by writing down your information if you have no objections." Callahan's tails immediately got wild, grabbing sheets of paper from the piles of paper, setting them neatly on the desk and each of them, in turn, dipped into the ink-pot.

It was Peter's turn to crook an eyebrow. It could possibly speed things up. "Actually, we do have—"

Without even looking, the Ninetales cut him off.
"With your help, of course." He stopped moving and shot a piercing glance at Peter.

Peter looked once more at his wet application within his paws and let out a sigh in defeat. He was now certain that this Guild Registrar was doing everything to annoy them. "Okay, as you wish..."

With that, another tail of the Ninetales shot forward, grabbed their application and threw it away below his desk.

Callahan took the quill again from the ink-pot and proficiently removed the excess dripping ink from the tip.
"Let's get right down to it, shall we? My fastest time for entering a team in the Official Guild Register is a touch under a few hours; let's see if we can break the record!"

Hours? This was really not what Peter had planned to take!

Callahan's eyes focused on the applications and readied the quill between his paw.
"All set now! Names, please?"

Marston finally was given the opportunity to talk. He definitely seemed more confident now. "I'm Marston and this is Peter."

Almost immediately, all the tails of the Ninetales began scrubbing on a sheet of paper, as did the quill in his paw.

"Ahh... what... commo—er, good names you all have! Do you spell 'Marrston' with two r's and 'Peeter' with two e's?"

The Mudkip raised an eyebrow. It seemed that Callahan was going to make them go nuts with this crazy paperwork! Marston rolled his eyes and replied. "You spell them like that: M-A-R-S-T-O-N and P-E-T-E-R."

With that, they witnessed once again the multiple tail tips scribbling on the sheets. Peter started wondering what required so much to write for mere names.

Callahan interrupted his thought process before he could imagine a possible answer.
"Interesting... Very interesting spelling! Would you be foreigners? Those are names that I haven't heard around ever, and I cal tell you that I've been around for quite some time. You are French, perhaps?"

Peter gulped at the question. There were so many questions for the renewal of their application! This was almost becoming an interrogation session! His eyes followed the quill in the paw of the Ninetales scribbling on their application sheet to-be.

Marston seemed to share his anxiety. He replied hesitantly. "Um, that's hard to explain but—"

The quill came to a sudden halt, as did Callahan's tails. He looked again at Marston and giggled, raising his other paw to his mouth.
"Ah, no, forget it, France is just some made up land, you know, just like that 'Arceus god' Pokémon talk about but never saw. It's often used as comic relief." Callahan paused as if waiting for an answer or some remark, but in front of the speechless faces of the two Pokemon, he resumed to the paperwork. "Er, just forget that. Moving on!"

"What alias do you wish to give you two fellows? I hope it's something good! Listening to Pokémon insisting to use a name like "Team Awesome or anything of the sort is simply boring. "Team Mediocrity" would be more fitting to them if you ask me. But! Let's just have your say and see how original it is."

Marston's eyes shifted left and right. He appeared unsure whether their team name would be disappointing the guild Registrar or not. "We go along the... er... 'alias' of Team Tankers."

Callahan's eyes locked on the Mudkip for some time. That cunning Ninetales surely was enjoying making helpless Pokémon feel ill at ease. He then raised his quill and nearly touched Marston's face with the feather.
"I knew you wouldn't let me down!" He brought it back to the application, ready to write again. "Now, do you write this with an 'h' perhaps? Maybe a 'g' as well? Or you maybe are planning to  lose some letters, or replacing them altogether entirely?"

Marston almost jumped at that question. "L-losing letters!?" He looked worriedly at his Pikachu leader and spoke again. "Why would we want to lose letters?"

"It was mere a guess. You see, some teams like to discard some letters in their team name, something I guess, I cannot comprehend." His quill and tails once more raced through the sheet of paper, until the final dot was made. Callahan put the form aside and pulled out another sheet of paper.
"And... the first part is done. All right! On to the next!"

The Ninetales eyed them thoroughly as if debating who to choose between the two Pokémon in front of him. After a short while, his gaze settled on the Mudkip. "You there, young lad! If my senses are right, you are the team leader, right? Why don't you tell me about yourself? Rest assured, nothing you will say here will fall into other hands than mine. I don't get paid for this, but I do my job splendidly well. I do it for the sake of the stories people tell! Everyone has a story worth remembering! You will surely agree that it would be a pity to let those stories go forgotten, won't you?"

Callahan almost hid behind one of the piles of paper avoiding the eyes of the two Pokémon in front of him. "Unless they aren't worth telling, that's for sure..."

Peter heard him mumble something. Was Callahan saying that he wanted to hear their stories just for the sake of hearing and to then compare them with others'?

"However, I do hope yours isn't angst and darkness from beginning to end, you know. We have enough of that as it is with the recent crises we've all been going through!"

At last something that rang true. Peter looked past the Ninetales through the window. What happened here in Tao lately... he was relieved that Sorbet was being manipulated rather than doing it from his own will. Peter couldn't imagine what could have happened if it was otherwise.

By then, the clouds overlooking the mountains had dispersed and the moon was fully visible. From the moonlight, Peter only then noticed that the Ninetales' fur was of an unusual grey colour. At first, he didn't qite understand that.

Ninetales are Pokémon who usually care a lot about their own appearance. Yet this one, seemed to be completely oblivious to this. The dull grey of his fur seemed to swallow the colours around him, to even sap the life out of living things. Maybe... maybe that was a hint as to why he was acting like this? Peter was already weaving his own assumptions about Callahan and his past.

Meanwhile, the Ninetales went on.
"If you insist on coming up with a yarn of incredible sadness and general malaise, please make it at least good. I'll only discern the necessary details from your story and put it down in the book that I'll make from those sheets here."

Marston quickly nudged Peter, smiling weakly to Callahan. "I'm not the leader. The leader happens to be Peter."

For once, it seemed that they had done something completely out from the expectations of Callahan. The latter was good at concealing his feelings, but this time, the slight twitch of his lips was all too obvious. Nonetheless, the Ninetales quickly regained his composure. "Oh, I knew that! I was just teasing you around, but I say, I'm sure you would be a fine leader!"

Peter received Callahan's full attention for the first time that night and he could feel how his piercing eyes could be intimidating.

Marston quickly whispered in the Pikachu's ears. "Psst, com'on, tell him something!"

Peter tried to shrug off all hesitation. It would take much more time than necessary if he didn't have full control of his own self. He quickly made up his mind to make it short and as vague as possible. With a sigh, Peter started his narration despite himself. His gaze fell onto the flame of the candle as he spoke.

"I guess I could say that I'm a Pikachu like any other, and likewise, I don't know if you will find anything interesting in my story. But if you really want to know..."

Peter couldn't help but notice that Callahan's quill and his tails were all eager to start writing every word that would escape his mouth.

"I was born in a faraway land, that you might or might not know. I travelled the lands in search of myself, trying to understand why things were as they were, and why they weren't otherwise. Looking for the meaning of life, you know? I could say that I've seen and been through lots of things: happiness, sorrow, anger, despair..."

He paused for an instant, looking at the Ninetales, not too keen on telling him about the other creatures who populated the land he was born in. The fox Pokémon, however, was more busy with writing everything down. 'No, I don't think it'd be good if he knew about them.' He then attempted to find a way around the issue. His gaze towards the fireplace, he proceeded.

"And I'm persuaded too that it's not the end of it. Well on the opposite, I'm sure that I have still a lot of things to see, understand and discover. After all, it's the times that I feel down which make the ups appear so much better!

"I can say that I learned how some of the things in life behave generally. That which rises eventually falls down; every challenge one faces can be turned into an opportunity if properly considered; and, that things never really last forever but eventually come to an end... Basically, a lot of things are out of one's control, but one can make sure that one can contribute one's share to make it better. And that's also what I believe. I could say that we are like tea. The full flavour of tea only appears when hot water is poured upon it."

Callahan held his quill ready for more, but he frowned when no more words reached his ears. His stern glare met Peter's eyes. "You're not trying to make fun of me right?" He crushed the sheets of paper he was writing on and threw them in the fireplace. "Now tell me a real story and not the things you've learned because that's what the ones listening will figure out."

Peter gulped. This would be harder than planned. He took a deep breath and began once again.

"Well, I lived and grew with my parents until we got separated by unforeseen circumstances. It was then that I began wondering what was life about, why it was happening to me. Eventually, it became too risky to stay where I was and I fled wherever I could. I had to leave behind everyone I knew and was forced to adapt to the ever changing surroundings.

"I didn't find the answers I was looking for, but I sure did learn a lot of things during my travels. Things that I probably would not have experienced if I haven't been forced away from home. I had to be strong so that I could survive in this completely unknown environment, observing other Pokémon's habits to know where to get food, how to escape predators. In the end, I had met a lot of different Pokémon all so different from each other.

"I then realised that I couldn't stay in the same place for too long, for the ones who took away the ones close to me were now after me. I had to keep moving, leave behind the friends I made for their own safety. That is, until I met Marston here. He wasn't like any Pokémon I've seen at that time, and he too was far away from home."

Peter glanced at Marston, receiving a nod.

"It was then that we started travelling together. Marston's knowledge of the sea was what surprised me the most! In the end, we had to set sail to escape my pursuers, but we were caught in a terrible storm. When we woke up, we were on this here land; Tao."

Fortunately this time, Callahan seemed satisfied about it. Ink still being imprinted on the sheets of paper, Callahan's words confirmed it.
"That's much better! Did you perhaps join the Rogues to live that thrill of being constantly chased after? Ah no, it must be because wanted a change and opted for Rescuers. I definitely wouldn't place my bet on Merchants for obvious reasons."

Callahan had managed to surprise Peter once more. The Ninetales' deduction seemed so spot on... Or was it that he could properly read their application and faked not being able to read it. Peter knew for a fact that neither him nor Marston had mentioned the Rescuers Guild at any point in time in the presence of Callahan. Hopefully, the registration would be over soon.

When Callahan finally stopped, he turned towards Marston, resting his head casually on his paw.
"And you there, lad, what would be your story? Your leader has done an excellent job of keeping me awake at this late hour, I hope you do the same!"

Marston froze at the request. He now really had to tell something about himself? He shot an anxious glance to Peter and started his recital.

"Well, I'm from a faraway place too and I've sailed the seas with friends I grew up with. We had quite the facilities to do so, you see, so it was quite easy too. We often pretended that we were pirates in search of adventures, lands to discover and of course, treasure to loot. Though that doesn't mean that we were going after galleons and assaulted them! We were way too small for those. Things were pretty good at that time. It was ironic though that we, in turn, would one day be attacked by real pirates. Our vessel got smashed to pieces because of those brutes!

"We decided to build another ship so we could get back our pride. I looked for potential sea lions to help us in our endeavour and together, we set sail to claim justice. Unfortunately, we had underestimated them and I was captured. The days I spent in their ship's cell were probably the worst days of my life. One night, nature decided to give us our revenge. Waves like I've never seen before wrecked the ship and allowed me to escape.

"I drifted to a land I barely knew and that's where I met Peter. And I guess you know the rest of that story."

Marston made sure that he didn't mention anything that Callahan shouldn't know. Peter was quite convincing on the subject since they arrived here.

Callahan seemed satisfied with his story.
"Very well, then! It seems I have all I need in order to register you here in our peaceful Tao Village! Just to make sure everything's correct, please have a look over them and sign with your initials at the bottom. Should more members join your team, I will wait for them to update your application. Sounds good?"

And this happened again. Callahan turned round on his seat to face the window and spoke under his breath. "It would be so regrettable to miss a potential good story to record." His back was towards the two rescuers now, with his tails giving them the impression they were watching them.

Peter ignored Callahan's comments and he skimmed over the application the Ninetales had filled out. He might be annoying, but his writing sure was neat, Peter noted.

Meanwhile, Callahan turned back to them and watched the Pikachu read the application.

Peter's attention somehow was caught by the Ninetales. The latter had another of his grins drawn across the lips. Not thinking too much about it, Peter confirmed the facts were correct with a nod and handled the application over to Callahan.

However, the Ninetales pushed it back to Peter, pointing to the blanks to be filled. Peter sighed once more and took the Tranquill quill from the ink-pot. Hopefully, these were the last formalities. He flinched at the sight of one of the fields. "Trait and Personality?"

The Ninetales barely looked at them and kept silent. Peter and Marston exchanged uneasy looks and attempted to put something in that field all the same.


Finally, it was over. Peter once more handled the form back to Callahan. "So, are we supposed to—"

The Ninetales seemed to read Peter's mind. "Yes, just leave them blank for now. Though, don't go beyond four members in your team, this is simply inconceivable."

They watched the Guild Registrar look over their application once more before he got up with it.

"Wait, where are you going with our application?" Peter asked Callahan. They were already used to keep their application with them wherever they went, and it was fortunate too, seeing what became of the Rescuers Club after the recent crisis.

"Oh, I will be keeping them safe here," the Ninetales replied, pointing to the filing cabinets. As he looked over the metal casings, his eyes seemed to glitter for a moment, the notorious smirk drawn on his lips. "There is nothing more secure than these, let me assure you."

Callahan walked along the file cabinets and was examining the labels. He stopped at the one labelled 'Rescuers: TAA-TAZ' and opened the drawer. Their application was then gingerly placed in between other files and the drawer promptly locked.

Both rescuers got up from their seat and walked over to the fireplace to take their accessories. However, they hardly had the time to grab their accessories that they were pulled backwards.

Callahan had got behind them and was quickly dragging them towards the door.
"Well, now! It wouldn't be fair to keep you here any longer, I have everything I need from you! I'm afraid there aren't any broken records tonight, though. Your story took up more time than I expected and I still have a lot of things to do!"

How ironic from the person who requested them to say something and made sure it wasn't too short! Peter wondered what the Ninetales had to do at such a late hour. He was positive there weren't anyone outside for another registration, until he noticed an ajar door for the first time. Through the opening was what seemed like a room littered with books of all size.

Once at the door, Callahan pushed them outside.
"Oh well! Time to conclude our business here!" He closed the door behind them leaving them again in the downpour.

"I don't want to have to deal with that Pokémon again. He's so... weird!" complained Marston.

"Me neither Mars. I can't help feeling he's always ahead of us by some moves. Right, that would be the correct term. It feels like it was all a game for him."

The two of them slowly walked back to their new base. Water was once again dripping from their heads and down to the soil. With such a downpour, they probably didn't need a bath tonight. Maybe only wash the mud off their feet, but Marston seemed to rather enjoy it instead. Though on the other side, it wouldn't be really fun to catch a cold because of their application renewal. Hopefully, they wouldn't have to go up to the Guild Registrar anytime soon.
New version application form for the arc two for :iconpmd-explorers:

:bulletblack: Backstory (WIP):

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Change Log:
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